United Kingdom Visa



United Kingdom Visa

UK is called a dream fulfilling country. Every year, a large number of students, tourists and businessmen travel there. This country welcomes them and gives them equal opportunity to get success in various fields of life. It is world’s fifth largest growing economy and very developed nation. It is economically and culturally very strong and its footings are on sound scientific and military grounds. Their trade policies and rules provide protection for businessmen to perform business activities freely without any fear of loss. Students have facility of scholarships and fee concessions at many universities that are helpful for them for their higher education. UK have spectacular, must see places. Every year many tourists travel around UK to bless their eyes.

Our purpose is to provide useful information to interested people who want to be there in UK in a very simple and easy way. We are striving for providing best information that is most recent, truthful and trustworthy. We divide our sections into:

  • Choose from Types of Visa
  1. UK Study Visa Requirements
  2. UK Student Visa
  3. UK Work Visa
  4. UK Academic or Business Visa
  5. Transit Visa
  6. Parent or children Visa
  7. Private medical treatment visa
  8. Getting married visa
  9. Official diplomatic visa etc.

It is very important to 1st choose your visit purpose. You can also choose from list provided to this at UK website for immigration and visa.

  • Step by Step process to Apply

Next step is to follow these steps carefully

Step 01: It is important to apply online for submitting visa application. Application can be deposited at this link https://www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk/

Step 02: Before submission of application it is to get appointment at any regional office suitable for you at these centers:

  1. Islamabad
  2. Karachi
  3. Lahore
  4. Mirpur

Getting prior appointment before submission of application is mandatory. Walk in Applications are now no longer accommodated. Guidelines for applying online and required documents will be shared in this website at suitable places.

Step 03: After getting appointment, you must arrive fifteen minutes early in order to save yourself from any sudden inconvenience, also bring with yourself your passport, colored photographs with white background, appointment letter and application pack with required list of documents.

At center you will be required to get a token. Your turn number would be printed on it. You can now reach for interview desk on your turn. Make it sure that you are also having a proof that you paid your application submission fee.

Step 04: Understand carefully from representatives about your biometric authentication process. Once you have submitted your documents you cannot submit other documents submitted at the time of submission of application.

It is important to know that only important documents would be returned. E.g. marriage certificate, other documents submitted for example bank statements, evidence documents etc would never be return if they are directly relevant for decisions. If you want to get your documents back, also submit photocopies of required documents.

Step 05: It is also important to cooperate with representatives at each step. After the process, collect your documents from same office in person.

Step 06: after that track you application about its current status.