Saudi Arabia Security work Visa


Security work visa for Saudi Arabia

Security is very important for any country. Saudi Arabia is very noble religious center of Muslims to security issues are very critical in this region. Saudi Arabia spends millions on security expenses each year Saudi Arabia has huge influx of pilgrimage and visitors. So there are concerns about security. Saudi Arabia has nationally owned as well as private security agencies.


Saudi nationals and businessmen hire security officials privately modern technological inventions are also helpful for helping security concerns e.g cameras, guns, scanners, walk through gates etc. various jobs are available at schools, offices, banks, resorts, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, oil refineries and another sensitive parts.

Required Experience:      from 3-7 years,

Education required:         B.S degree

Job Description: Skills Required to perform Job Duties:

  • To manage all security issues, to implement all security policies, devising security training, policies, auditing monitoring, reporting etc.
  • Providing a secure atmosphere to work for offices, banks, and other concerns.
  • Managing all security personals and resolving their issues when arising.
  • Shuffling duties assigned to them from time to time to avoid any mishap.
  • Resolving security matters throughout implementing security regulations of the country.
  • Performing a variety of technical, managerial and administrative tasks for planning organizing, directing and implementing fire preventions, protection.
  • Keeping first aid kit up to date to handle sudden emergencies.
  • Conducting training programs for individuals of security department on required ground. Conducting in house training programs those are efficient and cost effective.

 Skills that creates Difference:

  • Leadership quality should have candidate should have the capacity for management
  • Having knowledge of all modern methods used for fire prevention
  • Good in mathematics for calculations of system design flow
  • Efficient knowledge of all relevant procedures excellent presentation skills
  • Public relation skills, human skills and interpersonal skills are also required

Credentials Required to Apply for Job:

1: Appointment/Offer letter: to facilitate applicant and his rights

2: Valid Passport:  with blank pages

3: Attested Copies: of education and professional documents

4: Photographs: White background passport sized photographs

5: Security clearance certificate: from concerned department is must to obtain

Security Manager:                        Job Description

  • Candidate should be neat and have professional appearance
  • Candidate must be able to provide quality customer services
  • Candidate must be able to handle any crises and critical situations
  • If have personal gun that would be better
  • He is required to maintain satisfactory attendance level and punctuality standards
  • Candidate is required to devise security procedures regarding sensitive areas.
  • Security officer is also required to maintain data security to prevent loss and theft of various organizational databases i.e. HR Data base, Marketing Data base, financial data base.
  • HR database has information regarding employees and their basic background information, marketing database may have information regarding customer insights, upcoming marketing trends, recent information about customers’ likes and preferences.
  • Financial database may have information about key financial data.
  • Security officer is required to develop strategies to create workplace violence awareness and prevention
  • To develop emergency policies and procedures and investigate security breaches.
  • To audit all security system to find holes in security platform
  • To shuffle duties of all security staff to prevent any negative impact of staff intimacy
  • safeguard organizational interest at any cost

Various security jobs in Saudi Arabia requires different qualifications and experiences.