Saudia Arabia Hotel Work Visa

Jobs in SAUDI ARABIA:     Jobs in Hotels


Saudi Arabia is most respectable place of Muslims from all over the world. People around world visit Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umrah. On the religious events, millions of Muslims travel there as their religious event. These visitors are huge in numbers and they stay in hotels and restaurants. These hotels also accommodate other businessmen and tourists.

Regional Demographics:

Saudi Arabic has a chain of hotels and resorts around the world. These hotels and resorts and well equipped with decent, basic and luxurious modern facilities, hotel management announces various jobs in the categories of manager, HR-Human resources manager, Receptionist (male or female), chef, cook, driver, Gardner, sweeper, housekeeper and other workers.

Availability of Jobs in various Sectors:

Vacant Positions are announced on normally official websites of these hotels. Another source of advertisement is local and national newspapers. Some Kafils at Saudi Arabia also these jobs in many countries. They took services of famous newspapers of that region. General public comes to know about these positions and they can select most suitable job according to their liking.

Requirements of Staff:

Required Staff ranges from simple Housekeeper to most educated official positions salaries and other benefits depend on nature of the job, Duties assigned qualification to require for that jobs. These available vacancies are filled with most suitable skilled and experienced workers. Standard wise, these hotels are excellent and they compromise on their specialty. Vacancies are announced in English and Arabic newspaper of the region.

Sequential Steps for applying for Job:

Employer files a case in Saudi chamber of commerce (foreign ministry) on behalf of the employee and he also deposits visa fee also employees/candidates can use online as well as normal usual postal services.

Saudi chamber issues work visa for candidate. He then applies for resident visa. Saudi government usually issue visa for three to four years. It varies, it can be extended. Work visa provides to opportunity to candidates to enter in county. Health card is also required candidates has to go through medical examination procedures. After successfully accomplishing these requirements, he can have his health card.

Required Credentials:

Jobs are available on various categories depending on various qualifications, Different diplomas; Degrees and course are required for jobs.

1: offer letter from hotel management: with valid information
2: valid passport with empty pages: So that new Visa could be applied
3: application of prescribed format: Can be obtained from official website
4: visa must be valid for six months: Candidates must have a valid visa so that hiring process could be done on time
5: attested academic documents: Documents must be attested from HEC and other ministries
6: recent color photographs: Recent color snaps are must
7: medical fitness certificates: Form a nominated hospital

Job Description of Food and Beverages officer

Bachelor degree is essential. Experience is required from 1 to 5 years minimum. The team member should be friendly and efficient enough to perform all food and beverages related activities. Other duties include assisting guests while taking luggage, by answering inquiry desk phone calls, by organizing taxis for customers. Other responsibilities are to have a close eye on:

  • Serving food and drink in the dining room and bar
  • Being aware of health and safety measures
  • Be ready to handle any emergency and mishap

Candidate must be having excellent communication skills and be able to work under pressure. Team member should have a friendly, professional and flexible attitude.  All other hotel jobs have same requirements to some extents.