Required documents for UK Visa



Required documents for UK Visa

List of required documents is given for your convenience. Make it sure that all these required document are not pirated, are original and all information mentioned in these document s belongs to you.

  1. Valid passport and travel document.

It is important to have a valid passport. If your previous passport has expired without any visa on it, you must keep it with you as it can be required at subsequent steps.

  1. One most recent snap.

According to guidelines provided to you. It is important to note that you must submit original as well as a photocopy at center.

  1. Proof of Permission.

Also present proof of permission for entrance if you are not national of that country.

  1. Evidence of Invitation.

You are required to present proper invitation from UK.

  1. Credentials of Sponsors.

You are also required to share details of your sponsors if any. Detail may include information about Solvency, residence and term on which visa is issued.

  1. Visit Details.

It is also required to share visit schedule, detail of places where you are aiming to visit.

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  1. Flight details.

Also inform about flight schedule, day, Date, and time when your visit is scheduled.

  1. Evidence of business or employment.

It is mandatory to provide information about your income that is disclosed on application form. If you are going for work, you must have evidence for example appointment letter of offer letter. If you are thinking about business activities you have to submit detail of income tax submitted, business registration documents, business bank statements up to required time.

  1. Proof of being in education.
  2. Evidence of educational achievements.

All degrees and their photocopies must be provided for their review as required.  Matriculation, Graduation, post graduation etc.

  1. Evidence of monthly remuneration mentioned in application form along with other details like detail of income tax etc.
  2. Evidence to meet visit costs.

You are required to present details of visit along with costs of visits. You are also required to mention sources from where you will meet these expenditures.

  1. If you have property in UK, You must provide evidence of their ownership for example buildings, equipments, property.
  2. Evidence of UK accommodation, hotel booking detail if any, and details how you will travel around there in UK.
  3. Details of other information, for example marital status, if you are married, then marriage certificate. If you are divorced then divorced certificate, If you are unmarried couples, You should also have evidence in black and white.
  4. You are also required to inform about your family members, how many are living with you, how many are traveling with you and how many would be remaining.
  5. Other information can be asked according to circumstances.

Rules and regulations are made to protect people from any physical or emotional harm. Travelers should keep in mind that they will completely abide these rules and regulations.