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Jobs in Oman

Brief Overview !

Oman is the oldest Muslim state that is now on its way of progress. It is country of Middle East and its per capital income is also satisfactory. Every year, many expatriates come here to get jobs in most reputable and remarkable companies. Various jobs are available in various categories.  We have tried to accumulate various job related information in Oman so that our Viewers can get information and they may timely apply.

Driving Jobs in Oman:

Government of Oman is now undertaking many projects to modernize the economy and to become a more active player in market place. Due to this, many national and international companies are involved in infrastructural and construction work. Due to this, many jobs came on the surface related to driving.

  1. Driving License is must to drive in Oman
  2. Age limit is 22- 65 years
  3. Driver must be having good manners
  4. Drivers must be willing for relocation


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Oman is famous for its rules and regulations to protect the rights of businessmen and employees.


Teaching Jobs in Oman:


Now Oman is also providing Visas for teaching positions with high salaries and perks. Accommodation and meal facilities are also provided to staff. Many teaching jobs are of training type


  1. Teachers of Mathematics
  2. Teachers of social Sciences
  3. Teachers of physical education

Teaching Assistant jobs in Oman:

Teacher’s Assistant jobs are also available in Oman with following job description.

  1. Teacher Assistants are supposed to reinforce lesson presented by the teachers
  2. They are also responsible to maintain college discipline and code of conduct in its proper shape
  3. They are required to help the students to complete various projects assigned by teachers
  4. They are required to help students during trips and vocations
  5. Some teachers may be asked to help and look after students with special needs

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