Job Opportunities at NADRA Pakistan

Good News for you if you really want to be a part of NADRA Pakistan!

NADRA Stands for National Database Registration Authority. It is the most sensitive and important Institute where populations statistics are saved and analyzed.

A variety of jobs:

Every year, NADRA offers a variety of jobs to attract the attention of intellectuals from all over Pakistan to fill various jobs vacancies. It is distinguishing fact about this organization that it provides equal job opportunities for Muslim and non-Muslims. Before final interview, all information about a candidate is verified.

The candidates have to fill job application that can be collected from any NADRA office or from the website.

Name of the candidate: It is very important for candidates to state his or her complete name in form as per ID card

Father’s name: It is very important for candidates to state his or her father name in form as per ID card

Location Address: Permanent and current address is required under this section

CNIC Number: National ID Card Number is required so that verification could be done

Education: Detail of educational qualifications must be stated clearly

Experience: Detail about experience accomplishments should be provided with evidence certificates

Postal Address: Postal address so that department could be able to reply you about their decision

Mobile or residential Phone Number: Incase team is unable to find you, it is important to mention mobile number of residents clearly

Date of birth: DOB should be stated as per ID Card

Job Categories available:

Jobs are offered in these categories:

  1. Assistant Executive Officer

Master degree is a must if you are considering this job to be applied. You must be of age 22-38 to apply for this job. Leadership abilities and qualities to manage a team are also essential.

  1. Security Guard

If you have a personal weapon and you are also a retired police or Army officer then you can apply for security in charge or security guard as per your rank and abilities.

  1. Data Entry Operator

This job has the attraction for F.A and B.A candidates if they are looking to make a career in this field. Age limit for this job is 22-35

  1. Document Controller

This job is very sensitive as it deals with the sensitive documents so candidates who are willing to apply for this job should be wise enough so that important steps could be taken to keep these documents safe and secure from inside and outside human fraudulent intervention

Once a candidate applies for the job, he can see and check status for his application on its website. Applications can be submitted on following postal address:


Address: HR Area, local secret headquarters NADRA, 29-B, Meeran Mohammad Shah Street, M-A-C-H, Karachi Sindh.