Google Adsense

Now earning online is very suitable option for those. Who want to sit at home while doing domestic activities? Google adsense is a platform that offers many opportunities to get earn through internet. In the start, people were thinking that searching about online jobs is a futile exercise but now it is reality. Google offers a huge variety of products for its customers. It also offers some tangible products for its customers as well. We can earn from many ways but most easy and convenient way to earn from Google is through Google Adsense. Google adsense play a role of middle man between advertisers and advertising agencies. It pays money to your website in return of display. NgĀ  ads on your website. Some precautions are must before applying for Google adsense.

  • You should own a website on specific topic.
  • Your domain name should indicate content or purpose of website.
  • Website should indicate that you are providing any type of services for general public.
  • First you need to design a website.

How to buy domain:

Domain is a place on internet that is occupied for showing your website contents. There are many domain providers in Pakistan as well as. Outside Pakistan. There are many plans. Hosting plan 1, Hosting plan 2, hosting plan 3, unlimited plan 1, unlimited plan 2, and their detail is as follow.

  • Hosting plan 1: it provides 1000MB Disk space. 20GB Bandwidth, Its registration is free. It this offer is also money back. Price 1700.
  • Hosting plan 2: it provides 2000MB Disk spice, 40GB Bandwidth, it is also 30 days money back guarantee. It cost PKR-2200.
  • Hosting plan 3: it gives you space of 3000MB Disk space, 60GB Bandwidth, it involves free domain registration. It is also 30 day money back guarantee. It costs 2700 PKR per year.
  • Unlimited plan 1: it provides unlimited dick space. Unlimited bandwidth, it provides free domain. It costs PKR-5000.
  • Unlimited plan 2: unlimited dick space, unlimited. Its registration is free. It costs PKR-7500. 1st you buy a domain name and its plan. Then design a website. For buying domain name you can visit www. hosterĀ  Com. You can design your website on adobe dream weaver or you can simply design it on word press. It is excellent platform that is most convenient and cost effective. Google adsense approval requires many rules. Some are as follow.
  1. You data should originally belongs to you.
  2. Any deceptive method should not be used to get clicks on websites.
  3. Matter should not involve any copy right issues.
  4. You can also include data from other websites by removing plagiarism.
  5. There should be approximately 300 dicks and views on website. Google adsense place ads on your website on your identified places. If any visitor dicks on those ads, Google adsense pays a certain amount to your account. You can withdraw your amount if it is equal and more than $100.