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JOBS in DUBAI:    Dubai office jobs


Dubai is leading and growing economy. It is famous in the world for its oil and gold reserves. Dubai is very populated and there are great hustle and bustle in this region of Emirate. During year people from all regions of world travel here for various jobs according to their field. Many multinational and other well-settled companies are operating in Dubai so there is a huge market for office jobs in the various field.

Departments in this category:

Different departments are working in any organizations so there is availability in HR jobs, Management jobs, Document controller jobs, Personal or office assistance jobs. Data entry jobs computer operator jobs, Administration jobs Clerical jobs, receptionist jobs, and other general office jobs. Companies working in Dubai hire staff that is highly qualified and experienced in that particular required field. Salary packages offered for office jobs are quite handsome. Other benefits and perks are highly satisfactory for jobs seekers. The office environment is excellent and provides best opportunities for fresh candidates so that they may grow professionally. Different type of jobs requires different qualifications and experiences. All companies have

Professional Gateway:

Different type of jobs requires different qualifications and experiences. All companies have a special document called “job specifications” that is a list of qualities that a person should have to perform that particular job. Qualifications, accomplishments, and achievements in that particular field are highly appreciated. In Dubai there in high appreciation for hard work, you should make yourself suitable for that position so that they may not reject you. Personal contacts are also very important in this case. Personal references

Sequential steops for applying for this job:

It is advised that before applying for any position prepare yourself for that, make a necessary arrangement, revise your knowledge and feel yourself in interviewer’s shoe. As Dubai hire the most skilled person so if you have good qualifications, then it is not a difficult task for you to obtain a suitable position for you. Good companies advertise available vacant positions at their official websites. Now always social media is also used many companies now advertise jobs on their official web pages, Twitter account, and professional contact websites. The best way is first to find a suitable job as per your qualifications and skills. Then you can apply online or by using curies services, postal addresses etc. Normally companies hire most suitable candidates by involving HR Department, HR provides four important functions for companies.

  1. Hiring people.

Selecting suitable candidate to fill vacant positions

  1. Training people.

Teaching employee’s various skills so that they may perform job activities as per requirement for organization.

  1. Appraising people.

Comparing employee’s current performance with their standard performance to take corrective action.

  1. Compensating people.

Offering employee’s various compensation packages / salaries / perks according to their work performed.

By understanding these functions, now you can easily find best suitable positions for you.

Required Credentials 

  1. Valid Passport. Having blank pages
  2. CNIC (computerized) as per ID Card
  3. Educational Documents. Valid and attested
  4. Application on required format. can be obtained from the internet
  5. Language certificate. If applicable. attested from the respective department
  6. CV (Resume) updated. with valid information

Dubai provides an opportunity to all word class skilled and unskilled workers. By offering handsome salaries, interest of these candidates is maintained. We wish best of luck for your upcoming career.