Dubai Hospital Jobs



JOBS IN DUBAI:  Dubai Hospital Jobs

Dubai provides best medical facilities for its people. There is no compromise on hiring Doctors, Nurses, and other Para-medical staff. Dubai administration assures provision of fine and cheap medical facilities for people. There are


There is much government and private hospitals and clinics are working in Dubai. Treatment in Dubai is costly due to its foreign staff(Doctors\Nurses)Mostly available vacant positions in medical area are advertised in daily newspapers in English\Arabic language Another source of information is the official website of the particular hospital.

Various Job Categories:

Dubai attracts highly qualified doctors and Nurses. Another most emerging field is laboratory technicians, Now Doctors from all over the world, come Dubai so that they may prove themselves. Doctors in Dubai are highly paid and it is most prestigious jobs.

Procedure & process to Apply for Jobs

There are two world renowned methods available to apply for Hospital vacant position.

  • Online Services.
  • Normal Postal services.

By simply filling prescribed application form, candidates may find a quick and easy way to come on board.

Experience is very important in this field. After applying soon you may be asked to submit your educational/professional Document on provided address online or in person.


Hospital mailing address is normally provided. Therefore avoid fake degrees and fabricated document. Postal services take time; the online procedure is very suitable, quick, simple and cost effective.

Required Documents

Health is very important issue. So a healthy person is required for this position. Medical fitness / clearance certificates are very important. Some medical positions require verification. Verification procedure varies from hospital to hospital. Dubai always prefers foreign staff. Especially from Asia, Africa as this staff can be the hired on cheap / low salaries other important documents are.

  1. Educational credentials.
  2. Professional certificates.
  3. Valid Passport with empty pages.
  4. Four nursing job, Diploma evidence in nursing field is also required.
  5. Language ability, if applicable.
  6. All required documents shown must be accurate, attested from recognized institutions.

Skills required

  • Passionate about two way communication
  • Keen interest in serving patients
  • Fast accurate writing and editing skills
  • Fine interpersonal, communication and human skills
  • Excellent team work abilities
  • General understanding of medical field
  • Effective team management abilities

Candidates must be able to ask patients to describe symptoms of diseases and medical history. Nurses are also required to keep proper patient record for reference and later use. Know how about medical equipment is also necessary as these are used during diagnostics. Candidates should have excellent observation power as it is very important for assessing patient’s recent situation. Best communication is also very important as nurses and doctors are required to communicate current patient condition with their families.