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Dubai Jobs in Construction Companies


Dubai is famous for its tall buildings. Those are a symbol of excellent construction and architect. Dubai work visa for these construction companies is not difficult to obtain. Dubai is famous for various buildings such as Burj Khalifa, 23 Marina, Princess Tower etc.   The construction companies work with the help of highly qualified construction staff and management staff. A lot of vacancies are arising in this particular field. Jobs can be obtained the fields of Managers, supervisors, engineers, Brick makers, carpenters, welders, Cutters, heavy and sophisticated machinery operators. Dubai is a famous hub for skilled and Un-skilled labor.

Initiating a career!

Construction jobs in Dubai are high paying. In this region of desert, construction companies mostly hire Kafils, these kafils are nominated and designated agents of these construction companies. These kafils arranges staff as per requirements of construction companies, Staff is hired by kafils on their own behalf and then is provided to companies on demand kafils or special agents advertise vacant positions in leading news papers, T.V, Radio and social media in English, Urdu and Arabic languages. The best source that these construction companies can use is their official websites some jobs are advertised at job seeking websites e.g Arms job etc. But all jobs are not advertised through this. Personal contacts are very important in this case. References are always important as these companies have more faith and trust in it various job categories are available. Interested persons can apply directly through internet, personal sources, mailing etc.

Required credentials for the job:

Companies mostly prefer skilled workers bout raw handed and unskilled workers are not ignored. Some important positions require in-depth attention so companies hire engineers, architects; surveyors after careful checking people interested for such positions have to present evidence for their educational qualifications, professional qualifications, and technical certificate. Other required documents are as follow.

Application on prescribed format:

Applicants are required to submit application on prescribed format

Candidate’s valid passport:

Candidate’s valid passport with at least two blank pages are required

Curriculum vitae (Most recent, updated)

Updated CV of applicants with valid information is necessary

Original and copies of:

  • Educational Documents.
  • Professional Documents.
  • Experience certificates.
  • Special Achievement Awards etc.
  • NADRA (National Identity Card).
  • Medical clearance certificate.

These documents can be sent through email or in person.

Job Specifications & Job Description

Candidates must have basic information for this particular field along with special jargon used in this particular field. They must be able to discuss with clients requirements of projects. They must be able to understand computer aided designs, conducting surveys and testing data with a computer. Judging project according to either they are workable by clearly understanding requirements. Candidates must be able to make feasibility reports on technical as well as economic grounds. It is also a responsibility of engineers to check environmental impact of projects on society double check costs attached to that project.