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Marketing 3.0

History of marketing is as recent as the history of man on earth. In the story of Prophet Adam (A.S) and Eve, Satin was influential marketer as he described product features in a way that Prophet Adam (A.S) took action under influence of that campaign. Production and selling is very …

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UK Student Visa

Every year thousands of students move around UK for their higher studies. There is no any restriction on number of student visas that can be issued. United Kingdom welcomes students across the globe. These students can get admission at recognized universities identifies at their website at following URL: www.gov.uk  Generally …

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Human Resource & Human Liability

This is tradition in our society that no remarkable and sufficient  consideration is given to practical aspect of  education.  Its significance can be understood by the fact that no one can deal with Electrical wiring just by reading its method from manual. How professional education could be effective without any …

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United Kingdom Visa

  United Kingdom Visa UK is called a dream fulfilling country. Every year, a large number of students, tourists and businessmen travel there. This country welcomes them and gives them equal opportunity to get success in various fields of life. It is world’s fifth largest growing economy and very developed …

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