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This is tradition in our society that no remarkable and sufficient  consideration is given to practical aspect of  education.  Its significance can be understood by the fact that no one can deal with Electrical wiring just by reading its method from manual. How professional education could be effective without any practical approach. To deal in today’s most dynamic and competitive world, employers should give more attention to welcome fresh employees with recent educational background. These new hires can be efficiently and effectively trained and developed parallel with their professional career.  Most important department that can play its role in fulfilling this need of organizations is Human Resource Department. The nations that consider it’s humans as Resource are the developed economies. China is wonderful example of it where increase in population was not considered as problem. They considered the ways and techniques to effectively and efficiently utilize their man power. Likewise human working in organizations can be managed effectively by considering their   training and development needs.

Unfortunately in Pakistan, things are not actually as they should be. Like progressed and developed countries we just have stolen the terminologies from west without understanding intrinsic meaning of these. This department in most organizations is focusing more on reducing hiring cost, they compromise heavily on long term outcomes and fruits that can be gained and reaped by adopting HR with its true spirit.  Therefore opportunity cost of such neglect hiring is very high. Their employee turnover rate is very high.  As a result, their hiring and training cost is high.  They are achieving short term benefit by sacrificing long term development prosperity and succession. Other developed countries are now focusing on HR Branding. There is need to establish departmental base with its true spirit.

There are three types of people working in organizations.

  1. Human Resource
  2. Human
  3. Human Liability

Human liability is considered as type of people working in organization that is not contributing in organization positively and are causing negative impacts on profitability. There are not productive but they cause damage for organization. Human type of people is that is neither productive for organization nor destructive. Human Resource type is highly productive for organizations. The misconception that I want to clear here is that people normally consider that HR is only department of Human Resource type. Other two types should be eliminated because they are not productive  for organization as compared to Human Resource type.  So Managers   design some aggressive strategies that not only create dissatisfaction among employees but also cause for negative word of mouth for that organization. Our ground realities suggest that Human and Human Liabilities can’t be eliminated but extent of their un productivity and inefficiency can be minimized. Before taking any step, it should be admitted that all human are not equal in all capacities. Individual differences are always there. It depends on ability of manager to accommodate all individual differences of workforce to get strategic needed work done. Right approach to deal with human and human liability is first to identify causes for their inefficiencies. Then training programs should be devised to meet their efficiency-inefficiency gaps. Training should be based upon true and actual training need analysis. This will not only increase level of productivity but also employee satisfaction as employees surely regard that their services for the organizations are recognized and appreciated. Eventually profitability of organization will be sky rocketed.

Training is normally given to only most important element of organization which also shouldn’t be appreciated.  There is need to consider all employees justly and fairly. Justice is nucleus of HR department. Employee at gate is also contributing to the success of company and even is willing to sacrifice his life. HR should assure prevention and elimination of discrimination. Management is a bridge that links companies with their customers. So this bridge should be strong enough so that strong and long-lasting profitable customer relationships could be established. Richard Branson. Says “Customers don’t come first. Employees come first. A satisfied employee can win a customer and make him satisfied.”

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